About Us

Who are we?

We are Arab secularists, rationalists and humanists who wish to promote free-thought and stand up to dogmatic thinking in all its forms.  We share the belief that nothing should be protected from rational scrutiny and that an open debate within our societies, where dissidents are able to put forward an alternative worldview, is vital.

Who is this for?

  • Secular and progressive activists who share our vision on the kind of social change the Arab world needs
  • Conscientious dissenters from religion coming from conservative backgrounds and looking to be a part of a larger network of Arab Humanists who share a similar worldview 
  • Religious groups or individuals interested in engaging in discussion
  • Anyone who want to find out more about humanism, the history of free-thinking in the Arab world, the place of religion in our society today or who's interested in what we do!

What are out aims?

Our aim is to become part of the fight for a different Arab world by challenging all forms of dogmatic thinking and encourage our society to subject its beliefs to scrutiny. We hope to see free-thinkers being listened to instead of being silenced and dissidents from religion engaging in intellectual discussions instead of being persecuted. Doing so will directly be a part in tackling the root causes making it impossible to take real steps in solving many of the problems facing the Arab world today. 

How to go about it?

To achieve this we aim to support, educate and empower free-thinkers in the Arab world to allow them to engage in discussions in the public sphere and become a part of the wider movement for social change. 

  • Shine a light on the history of free-thinking in Arab history from pre-Islamic Arabia to today and draw upon that to continue the fight for freedom of expression.
  • Provide a safe platform for open intellectual discussions on morality, philosophy and on the place of religion in society
  • Make material on humanism and moral justifications not rooted in religion more available to an Arab Audience 
  • Lead campaigns for reforming education, ending blasphemy laws and secularising our systems of governance.